Top Provider of Pet Friendly Hotel Rooms in Fernie

The Fernie Stanford Resort would like to extend a warm welcome to your entire family, including the furry four-legged members! We are a certified Pets-Can-Stay accommodation provider and we offer some of the most comfortable and spacious pet friendly hotel rooms in Fernie.

    The following conditions apply to guests staying with pets:

  • Upon check-in, you will be provided with a "Pet in Room" door hanger. This must be kept on your door to inform our cleaning staff and ensure the safety and accommodation of your pet.
  • We ask that all pets be on a leash while passing through hallways and lobby areas.
  • Our pet cleaning fee is $25.00 per night for each pet.
  • Pets are permitted only in the hotel, not in any of the chalet units.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding our pet friendly hotel rooms or policies, please contact us

Learn More about the Pets Can Stay Certification Requirements

  • This property has been independently certified by Pets Can Stay as meeting or exceeding all criteria required for the Premium Certification designation. As a traveler, you are staying at an establishment which has distinguished itself as a member of a unique group of accommodation providers who cater to the travel experience of the pet-toting traveler.

    The Pets Can Stay Premium designation requires that the establishment has met each of the following premium certification standards:

  • Service

    The establishment accepts pets and welcomes pet-toting travelers with the same level of service and hospitality that would be offered to guests without pets.
  • No Arbitrary Pet Fees

    Any additional fees charged to guests traveling with pets reflect the extra cleaning costs or maintenance expenses the lodging incurs for accepting pets. The fee does not represent a financial penalty to the pet owner for simply bringing an animal to the establishment.
  • Acceptable Accommodation and Non-Smoking Options

    Not withstanding federal, state, provincial or municipal health regulations and other related codes, guests and/or their pets are not designated to any substandard accommodation or facility in the establishment (i.e. requiring the pet to stay in a garage, storage room, outdoors, in the owner’s vehicle, etcetera). The establishment has smoking and non-smoking pet-designated units available (unless it is a fully non-smoking establishment). All pet-designated rooms are kept in good, clean condition and are devoid of unpleasant odors (i.e. heavy smoke).
  • Fair Kenneling Policies

    The establishment does not enforce kenneling of pets at all times during the stay. Pets are allowed outside of their kennel once in the guest room under the supervision of their owners. Acceptable policies include:

    1. Pets must be kenneled or leashed at all times when in public areas of the establishment. Pets must be kenneled if left unattended in room.

    2. must be kenneled or leashed at all times when in public areas of the establishment. Pets are not to be left unattended in the room.
  • Safe Environment

    Pet designated common areas and pet designated rooms within the establishment are free of objects or substances that present a danger to pets (i.e. toxic plants, small objects, traffic, etcetera).
  • Pet Policies Available Upon Request

    Upon request, the establishment can provide clearly written documentation outlining all of its pet-related policies that are in effect (i.e. leash policy, room policy, etcetera).
  • Food/Water Bowls

    Upon request, the establishment can provide a clean and appropriate drinking/food receptacle (i.e. dish, bowl, etcetera) for pet guests.

  • Licensed Accommodation Provider

    The establishment is licensed and accredited in the region in which it operates to provide travel accommodations.

    Pets Can Stay is the North American certification body for pet friendly hotels, motels, b&bs, resorts, and extended stay lodging establishments. The nationally recognized Pets Can Stay Certification Logos assure travelers and their pets that they will be welcomed, accommodated and offered certain standard amenities while staying or traveling with a Pets Can Stay certified provider. For more information on the Pets Can Stay program, visit www.petscanstay.com.