• Brown dried trees and vegetation line one side of the Elk River bank and tall conifer pines trees are clustered on the other side with the backdrop of the snow capped Rocky Mountains far in the distance. The Elk River in Fernie, BC on a winter day with brown and dried vegetation, barren trees and sturdy pine trees at the river's banks and snowy Rocky Mountains in the distance.
posted by: Fernie Stanford Resort on: May 09, 2014
Come on a journey to Fernie, BC and enjoy the selection of activities you can choose from when you visit! Whether you travel during the summertime or even in the wintertime, you will not run out of things to do! Just take a look at the list below:

Summer Activities

Photo courtesy of Fernie Alpine Resort

FWA Wildlife Viewing Tours

See wild life in action with your very own eyes! Let the tour guides take you on an adventure to see elks, deers, moose, rocky mountain big horn sheep, mountain goats, and bald eagles. However, if you decided to come back during fall, you will get the chance to see black bears and even grizzly bears!

Bull River Horseback Adventures

Adding on to the adventurous side of Fernie is the Bull River Horseback Adventures. In this activity, visitors will receive the opportunity to ride through rivers, forest, alpine meadows, and mountain passes. Bull River Horseback Adventure’s horses are specially trained to ensure that its guests are safe and secure, so everything is hassle-free when you’re exploring nature.

Zipline & Aerial Park at Fernie Alpine Resort

Hanging from a rope has never seemed so hard, so if you think you’re up for the challenge, don’t skip out on Fernie’s Zipline & Aerial Park! Take on the Rippin’ Zip Lines, midair jumps, suspended gravity defying climbing walls, and high wire acts! 

Winter Activities

Photo courtesy of Tourism Fernie

Snow Cat Skiing

One might wonder what the difference is between regular skiing and cat skiing. Cat skiing to put simply, is when a snow grooming machine drives up 8-12 skiers up the mountain to ski on untouched powder to heighten your skiing experience! Plan it with your friends or make new ones and share your experience with your onboard companions!


Take a ride with Fernie’s snowmobile tours and explore the vast terrains! Whether you’re visiting with the family or an avid snowmobile enthusiast, Fernie can make it work with its family-groomed trails and expert backcountry.


Step in to the snowy mountain bike trails in Fernie and get a chance to walk around the Island Lake Lodge. Or perhaps pack a picnic basket and enjoy the stunning views of Fernie Alpine Resort! Before jumping in to the fun, please ensure that you bring a map and a compass and always let someone know where you are.

Let Fernie Stanford Resort help you to make your trip to Fernie, BC a memorable one. Whether you’re travelling on your own or with a family, we have the perfect option such as our deluxe 5-bedroom chalets. We are also pet-friendly so your furry companions won’t miss a thing. Book with us now and see our best available rates.