• Brown dried trees and vegetation line one side of the Elk River bank and tall conifer pines trees are clustered on the other side with the backdrop of the snow capped Rocky Mountains far in the distance. The Elk River in Fernie, BC on a winter day with brown and dried vegetation, barren trees and sturdy pine trees at the river's banks and snowy Rocky Mountains in the distance.
posted by: Fernie Stanford Resort on: May 31, 2013
Do the impending summer months have you looking down at your padded winter waistline with despair?  Or did you spend your winter days sticking to those New Year’s resolutions and start the never-ending journey to build a better, healthier you?  Whether you’re a couch potato or gym-nut, summer is the best time to get outdoors and get motivated to meet those fitness goals.  One thing is for sure: summer in Fernie is about to get serious.
Think you’re tough?  Come out and flex your muscle at Mudd, Sweat & Tears Rockies on July 6th.  Hosted by Fernie Alpine Resort, this premier mud-run obstacle course stretches 10kms of intense physical exertion and punishment, combining military-style boot-camp challenges with Mother Nature’s own harsh, natural terrain.  While not intended for the faint of heart, the course was designed to be accessible for both the seasoned athlete and also those who might have skipped their weekly gym-sessions for an Arrested Development marathon.  For those who fit in to the latter category, never fear.  Mudd, Sweat and Tears will also be running a “100 Day Couch to Kick Ass” training program to help prepare first-time racers for the big day.
Contestants participating in Mudd, Sweat and Tears will navigate a series of military-like obstacle courses by crawling, running, climbing, lugging sandbags and dragging themselves through lots and lots of MUD.  The course features such challenges as a 9-foot wall-climb, mud pits, hill climbs, monkey bars, quarter pipes and tire traps.  The designers of the course incorporate the natural terrain and layout of the land to build the most challenging and organic design possible.
In addition to its tough as nails mud-run, Mudd, Sweat and Tears is also a proud partner with Breakfast Clubs of Canada, a national non-profit organization that provides funding and services to school breakfast programs around the country.  Breakfast Clubs of Canada aims to provide hot, nutritious breakfasts to students who, due to circumstances beyond their control, do not have the opportunity to have breakfast at home.  A percentage of all profits from the Mudd, Sweat & Tears race are donated to Breakfast Clubs and all participating athletes are encouraged to support the organization.
Registration is now open, so don’t delay.  Special Early-Bird ticket prices are still available, as well as discounted rates for those who wish to register in groups or teams.  Each participant receives a branded Mudd, Sweat and Tears racer shirt, a signature MST medal, and an ice-cold beer (for participants 19+) as they enter the MST post-race party.  There will also be great draw prizes to be won, and naturally, plenty of bragging rights to take away and spread amongst your family and friends.
If you’re looking for a place to shower off all the dirt, grime and caked-on mud after a long day of racing, look no further than Fernie Stanford Resort.  Our luxurious, comfortable rooms offer the perfect post-race spot to unwind relax and rest your weary body after a grueling day of pushing yourself to your physical limit.  Book with us today and secure your space.