• Brown dried trees and vegetation line one side of the Elk River bank and tall conifer pines trees are clustered on the other side with the backdrop of the snow capped Rocky Mountains far in the distance. The Elk River in Fernie, BC on a winter day with brown and dried vegetation, barren trees and sturdy pine trees at the river's banks and snowy Rocky Mountains in the distance.
posted by: Fernie Stanford Resort on: March 16, 2014
In Fernie, authenticity emanates from it's very essence; it is a true Canadian ski resort town. Equally as genuine are it's residents, and if there's one thing they know best, it's how to have a good time. Come join us in our fun-just be sure to check any pretenses, inhibitions, and perhaps sense of shame at the door-and learn how to kick back, Fernie style.

Kokanee Retro Weekend, March 22, 9am-9pm
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Although countless days of champagne powder and blue bird skies could never get old, why not mix it up and pay homage to all things old during this throwback weekend at Fernie Mountain Resort? Dust off those attic boxes and throw on anything that looks the part, think circa 'Back to the Future' Marty McFly...all day retro hits from the 70's, 80's, and 90's will keep the nostalgia pumping, as revelers can partake in the Hula Hoop Competition, Hot Tub Time Machine Celebration, and general debauchery...

Stoke Folk: the Party! March 28, 6pm-March 29 2am
As synonymous with Fernie as can be found, Shred Kelly is a 6-piece home grown band, whose imitated, but never duplicated brand of music will tear the roof off of the Community Center during this show, divided into an all ages and adult portion. To understand their music is to hear it, and the compilations created by mandolins and guitars, sung to the tune of their “ski bum” lifestyle, will be stuck in your head for days.

Cardboard Derby March 29, 10am-1pm
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The most jubilant recycling program around. Participants will utilize whatever crafting flair at their disposal, transforming their old cardboard into portals of locomotion, which will transport them (hopefully) gracefully down the slope to a finishing target. Winning points are awarded on aesthetic, so no need to spare the paint and glitter, it's time to implement the often under appreciated 'more is more' strategy!

Action packed days on Fernie's hills are bound to tire you out, so look to the incomparable Fernie Mountain Lodge for a little rejuvenation. We look forward to serving you.