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Avalanche City Roller Girls 2014 Season Kicks Off May 10

posted by: Fernie Stanford Resort on: April 22, 2014 05:56:51 PM

Roller derby, perhaps lesser known than other sports, is every bit as engaging and athletic. For those whose knowledge of roller derby doesn’t extend  beyond the handful of Hollywood movies depicting it in their plotlines, it is a combat sport played between two teams, skating the width of a track. Short matchups (“jams”) comprise game play, during which time an appointed player attempts to score points by lapping opposition members, who in turn will run offense on them. The sport has gained fast-wheeling momentum, increasing in popularity and expanding in many amateur leagues. One such league is the Avalanche City Roller Girls, hailing from our great town of Fernie, who are ready to lace up their skates and kick off an exciting 2014 season.

The ladies that make up the league have cultivated and finely tuned the skills for the game they love, and can’t wait to implement them against other British Columbian teams. Beyond a love of sport, these 20 self-empowered girls have sought to establish a correlation between game values and life values, understanding that attributes such as teamwork, respect and integrity will score that winning point in any endeavour. It is through this school of thought that this community-based, not for profit organization has carved out a role in Fernie for being pioneers of self-betterment, and being active in fundraising and volunteering.

The ACRG are also laying down pretty big tracks and rollerboots to fill and follow, recently taking under their wing the Avalanche City Bombsquad, a group of 7-18 year old aspiring future roller champions. The Junior Roller Derby Program, being very cognizant of the impressionability of the age group, plays a nurturing role to these youth, emphasizing the benefits of healthy competition and practice as outlets for their energy.

The seasons for both branches of Avalanche City’s athletes will unfold in several tournaments throughout the summer, and no doubt will be of a thrilling nature. Be sure not to miss it!

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