• Brown dried trees and vegetation line one side of the Elk River bank and tall conifer pines trees are clustered on the other side with the backdrop of the snow capped Rocky Mountains far in the distance. The Elk River in Fernie, BC on a winter day with brown and dried vegetation, barren trees and sturdy pine trees at the river's banks and snowy Rocky Mountains in the distance.

Image by garageband


Fernie’s Art scene is a vibrant one and even the current restrictions can’t keep the creativity from flowing. If you’ve been feeling a little stifled lately and are dying to let your imagination run wild, then the Fernie’s Arts Station has just the outlet for you. 


Elevate Your Tan and Your Art Skills

Known as Art On The Deck, this interactive class is free to join. The Arts Station only asks that attendees pre-register on their website ahead of class. You may choose to participate from home too; a new video will be available on The Arts Station YouTube page on Thursday afternoons.


Broaden Your Creative Repertoire

The group first meets to discuss the artist that has been selected for the week. Attendees can expect to learn about the style of the artist in question and then move on to try their hand at painting in the same style. It should be noted that, while there is no fee to attend the class, supplies are not included; each participant must bring their own. 


Everyone Welcome

Every Thursday from 1 pm to 3 pm, Jackie will teach an art history lesson on the deck of The Fernie Arts Station. The next artist to be featured is Claude Monet on July 30. Past featured artists include Keith Haring, Lawren Harris, Edward Hopper, and Salvador Dali. Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary. Come out and take part in some lively discussion and creative pursuits. Putting your own spin on the classics is highly encouraged.


Room with a View

If you’re planning on being in the area and looking for the best place to stay in Fernie, there’s no better option than the Fernie Stanford Resort. With stunning mountain views, spacious rooms, suites and condos to choose from, an award-winning restaurant, complimentary breakfast, friendly staff, and much more. Due to the current global health crisis, many added health measures have been put in place to help keep our guests and staff members safe. Things may look a little different, but you’ll still receive the same incredible service we’re known for.